How Much Does HP Support Cost?

HP offers a variety of support services for its products. If you are wondering HP support is available for free or it would cost you some bucks, you can contact HP Live Chat Support USA for further information.

HP offers a number of services like antivirus and theft protection programs. If your product’s warranty has got expired, you can email HP Support USA as they provide out-of-warranty or out-of-scope Hardware and Software phone support for $14.99 a month. Also, at HP, you can buy special HP Care Pack with your device that includes various repair services for PC, unlimited warranty, and support for your device. HP Care Pack is not only a warranty coverage but also a 24/7 tech support package that provides- pickup of damaged devices, in-home service for select devices, and coverage for multiple incidents.

So if your product is out of warranty, you may have to incur some cost, however, if the product is still under warranty or you have bought the HP Care pack you can get the support services for HP for free. For this, you can visit the official website and check for your product by entering the serial number and check if it is still under warranty.

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