Why Isn't HP Printer Printing?

Why Isn't HP Printer Printing?

Most of the time, printers are our reliable buddies, and they work well in the hour of need. But there can be nothing more annoying than when they stop printing and start blurting out error messages. So, what’s wrong with the printers, and how can we resolve them. Today we will focus on that in this article, read on the complete analysis. So here are the basic troubleshooting tips that can help you to resolve your issue.

Check Basic Things

When your HP printer is showing offline, you have to check the basic things in the printer. You’ll be shocked to know that most of the time, some simple things do the trick. And these things are often overlooked because we think that this cannot solve it.

So, you must remember to look for the basic things that might have been causing problems in your printer. You must check whether your printer is on or not, it is connected to the computer or not, it has paper and ink in it or not, and lastly, it is powered on or not.

So, basic things are often overlooked, and you should not miss it.

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